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Final Fantasy VIII Awards

Final Fantasy VIII Icontest Awards
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ff8_awards is a series of icon contests held so that icon makers can compete and enjoy Final Fantasy 8

Members who do not wish to participate by submitting an icon may vote during one of the many weekly contests

You do not have to be an graphics designer to join.


Every Monday, a new entry will be posted with the theme for that week's contest.

You have until Friday of that week to make an icon and submit it.

Then, the nominations will be posted and voting will occur from then on until the following Monday when the results are in and the winners are announced.


1 → The images used in the icons must be official art. No doujinshi or fan art will be accepted unless one has easily viewable evidence of the permission given to them by the artist who created it.

2 → Icons submitted must be 100x100 pixels and 40kb or under. If your icon does not meet this criteria then it will be disqualified

3 → All entries should include the image, the image's URL, and any comments/credits you would like to display

URL: http://www.randomsite.com/yourimage.jpg

4 → Icons submitted must be fresh and new. Icons that have been used in the past or that have been “flashed” will not be permitted to enter. If any such icons are found the person will be immediately disqualified unless stated otherwise (I'm a pretty nice person and will understand if it was purely by accident).

5 → You must follow the childish, but extremely important “golden rule” if you decide to criticize someone's work. It's essential that people's feelings are not intentionally hurt. Even thought this is not a rating community, some people may feel that they should express their personal opinions. Members may give their opinion, but please try and be sensible:

good: I like the colors you used, but the words seem a little crooked
bad: The letters on the icon look awful. Did you do it with your eyes closed or something?
6 → All entries must be turned in by the deadline. Icons submitted after the deadline has already passed will be politely refused.


Voting is a large part of an icon community (just as much as actually submitting an icon). Therefore, it is extremely important that you make a true effort to vote during each contest. If you cannot, for what ever reason, that's fine (in other words, I won't ban you for not voting). However, voting is greatly appreciated.

A person can place first, second, or third. There is the moderator's choice award and sometimes a special category (only if there's an abundance of icons).

The same icon cannot be picked again. The only exception is the special category. With the special category you can choose one of the ones you've already chosen or pick a new one.

Too confusing? You can contact me at my private journal located at the bottom of the page.


First: 7
Second: 3
Third: 9
Special: 2


7, 3, 9


If you would like to affiliate, please comment on this post.


[MOD] » Kristina → darkranger → kristina.carr@gmail.com
[CO-MOD] » dhkite
[CO-MOD] » silvretine

[BANNER MAKER] » silvretine
[BANNER MAKER] » devils_sucubus
[BANNER MAKER] » cattyhunts

Schedule can be found HERE.